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Hello from the News Bureau –  I thought I’d create a space for any and all of us to share a bit about what we’ve been up to.   One thing that is special about attending classes is the conversations and the amazing connections with people that you meet so … you can interpret it how you like and I will try to accommodate.

Carmen (aka Sisi) Martin Lopez very kindly agreed to being included on the News Bureau and lots of you know her.   She did some truly wonderful upholstery and arrived every week with a bag of patchwork pieces and a huge smile.   I used to pop in to see her work while she attended a Stained Glass class as well – and wow – she’s so talented.  Thank you my Spanish Rainbow!

I always wanted to learn glass making and 5 years ago I started with Stained Glass. It was fascinating playing with light and colours! Later on I became more and more interested in the fusing techniques and it opened a new way to explore and express myself. I wanted to learn more and last year I decided to commit to the BTEC Level 3 Arts and Design in Glass. It has been demanding, yes! But I learned so much, even from my mistakes from which new windows opened. It is really a path of endless exploring, so much fun! My final project is inspired by nature and titled “The Four Seasons”.

So first up is Lulu Nana who some of you will remember from upholstery classes in Hammersmith a few years ago.  You may recall that she had quite a headstrong but beautiful dog who leapt down the main road to greet some rather terrified people and consequently had to go to ‘dog Borstal’ for a little training.  Recently Lulu came over to the Upholstery Bureau to take some photographs as part of her HNC in Photography.   Her assignment was on ‘Decay and Evolution’ and she thought an upholstery workshop fit the brief perfectly.  I think so!   Other assignments were on ‘Eco Anxiety’ and ‘Abuse’ and I thought these were sooo good, I am sharing them here.   Not surprised she was awarded Distinction.   She is now clearing out her cellar to make a small dark room.  If you’d like to be in touch with Lulu, let me know and I’ll forward your communication to her directly.   Thank you Lulu and well done.

from Decay & Evolution  – a few photographs from the Bureau

from her assignment on environmental issues and Eco Anxiety  – ‘Bubble Bath’  and ‘Boxed-in’

And from her project About Abuse

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