Welcome to the Upholstery Bureau – offering upholstery classes for learning traditional and modern skills – in a fun, supportive workshop.

It’s Sara mac here and a warm welcome to you – from the West London Upholstery Bureau.   Having taken a workspace just a year ago in the fabulous, smurf-blue environs of Catherine Wheel Road in Brentford, I offer day time and evening upholstery classes in small groups with a maximum of 6 students per class.   I like to think my teaching is supportive, encouraging, realistic and professional.  Having taught hundreds of students since qualifying in 2008 with the AMUS&F, I have the experience, patience and humour to guide you through your projects.

Maybe you’ve been wanting to re-vamp a well-loved chair that you’ve had in the family for years?  Perhaps you just love fabrics and colour and want more of it in your home?   Or maybe you’ve always wanted to learn how to do upholstery.  And learn, you can!   If you are a beginner, find yourself a dining chair or footstool or something small (it should fit into the front seat of your car) and you’ll start learning the tools and materials of the trade.   The craft of upholstery is deep and wide – and still growing – so there is lots to learn and practise.

So take that leap – to learn something new.   Give yourself the opportunity to be with other people enjoying the craft of upholstery, sculpt shapes through traditional and modern skills, explore and learn about different fabrics and use your hands to produce wonderful, useful things!

And if you haven’t already been to ‘The Brentford Riviera’ – well, it’s a hub full of quirky delights just near the lock and I cannot wait for you to visit!

Relaxing by the river