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How long will it take me to do my project?

 All times listed below are estimates and are to give you a guide only.   They are based on projects that have been done for the first time by a beginner or intermediate level student in a leisure class.   There are other factors to consider such as…

The condition of the project.   Not all projects need to be completely ripped out and indeed we strive to preserve upholstery whenever possible.  But each chair may have a different starting point to a similar one being done by your neighbour.   It’s not always possible to know what ‘lies beneath’ and the most innocent of chairs, can have secrets.  All these things can affect how long the job takes.  But it is part of the adventure and you learn more!

Your skill level and ability.  Everyone works at their own pace so whether you are a beginner, an intermediate or advanced level, you may also be quick, slow, precise, methodical or ‘bish, bash, bosh’ !  Have you got a challenging fabric, a pattern that requires pattern matching?  Will you need to plan out a full cutting plan?  Or make up metres of double piping?

And there are also things like time-keeping, attendance, your holidays and how much you enjoy chatting with your friends in your session!  All important things.

So what can you do to speed up? 

  • There is an option to attend a full day each week, which gives you more time.
  • You might wish to rip out your project at home before you come to your class and this can get you ahead.  But be sure to consult the tutor beforehand to get proper advice about what to remove, what to label and keep, photograph etc.  There is a comprehensive handout on ripping out which you should follow.
  • Keep organised and take notes each week about what you are doing, so that when you come in for your next session you can start working immediately.
  • Time yourself as you carry out a task.  This can help you to increase your focus and to speed up.

A traditional drop in seat

7-8 hours then progressively faster aiming for 2- 2.5 hours per seat

L shaped dining chair – recover only

16-18 hours then progressively faster aiming for 5-6 hours

Large footstool – recover

14-18 hours

Traditional Dining chair  (or stuff over seat)

16-18 hours

Traditional Dining chair – sprung – from frame up

18-24 hours

Nursing chair or cocktail chair – from frame up

21-24 hours

Buttoned back armchair in foam – recover only

22-26 hours

Small armchair  – partial reupholstery

24-32 hours

Wingback arm chair or large armchair

36-48  hours

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