Tuesday Morning Upholstery Class Starts 11th January 2022


Mixed ability upholstery sessions

Course duration is  9 weeks

Time   10am til 1pm

Starts on Tuesday 11th January 2022

Last session is Tuesday 15th March 2022

Half term break is 14th – 18th Februay 2022

Fee  £350

See course details below.

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This is a mixed ability, 9 week project based upholstery session on Tuesday mornings, from 10am til 1pm.

You’ll be exposed to a range of projects and skill levels so if you are a beginner, this will give you a little insight into what might lay ahead for you!   As a beginner, you should start with a beginner project, something small.  The course will cover all the basic upholstery skills of tools and how to use them, identifying sheet waddings, hessians, webbings and fillings, measuring and cutting, making single and double corner pleats, making cuts around posts, temporary tacking and using the pneumatic staple gun.  Please email me saramac@upholsterybureau.com with a photo of your project before the course and take a look at the FAQs page for advice so that you choose something appropriate to your skill level.

More experienced students will be given instruction according to their project and will benefit from reviewing various skills such as attaching webbings, making cuts around rails and posts, problem solving and ‘order of work’ – all tasks that require practise, practise, practise.

Class size is a maximum of 6 students so there is plenty of supportive, 1 to 1 instruction and group learning for everyone.  Individual benches allow for social distancing and the workspace is well ventilated with lots of fresh air.

Everyone works at their own pace depending on their ability, but beginners and advanced students can achieve good results over the 9 weeks with the appropriate project.  Very large projects such as wingbacks and club chairs are limited due to space, so to avoid disappointment, please contact me about your project before the course.   All students record the materials they use for their project and settle their account towards the end of the course.

The course includes other topics for learning which may vary from term to term but can include: making single or double piping; trimmings; choosing the right fabric for the job; how to measure for top fabric; looking at the work of a specific chair, fabric or upholstery designer; types of spring systems; working with foam and modern techniques; the buttoning process; creating a stitched edge using traditional techniques.

£350 per person


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