ALL DAY Tuesdays or Thursdays starts 17th/19th September 2024


All day extended learning, from 10am til 4pm, to speed up your learning experience of this amazing craft.  Newcomers welcome!  Please write in the comments which day you would like to attend, Tuesdays or Thursdays, so that I can keep track of numbers!

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Fee is £795 + materials + storage if applicable

Early Bird fee is £750 up until 11th August 2024!

Course duration is 10 weeks with 2 week half term break (w/c 21st & 28th October)

Tuesday All Day Starts 18th September 2024/ last session 3rd December 2024

Thursday All Day Starts 20th September 2024/ last session 5th December 2024

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This is an option to enrol for a full day – either all day on Tuesdays or all day on Thursdays.   A full day of project-based learning from 10am til 4pm for 10 weeks.

Ideal for those students who wish to speed up their learning or wish to have more time each week to work on an advanced project – such as a traditional armchair or a large project such as a wingback or club chair.   Beginners are completely welcome here too as it is an opportunity to pick up your learning pace.  As a newcomer, you should start with a small achievable project such as a fauteuil or small nursing chair or something with two pads – a seat and a back.  But please email me for advice at and take a look at the FAQs page for guidelines to choosing an appropriate project.

As a more experienced upholsterer, you will be organised and encouraged to set out an order of work for your project, to choose appropriate waddings and fillings, to anticipate the next task.  The tutor is still at hand to give guidance and demonstrate skills and give tips to further enhance your techniques.  Obviously everyone works at their own pace depending on their skill level, but through group and individual learning, you’ll be carefully guided with hands-on demonstrations and instructions.

**Please note there is an additional storage fee to cover the cost of storage.  Armchairs (including some nursing chairs) will be charged £65 per term and extra large chairs (depth or width is over 73cm) £120 per term.  This fee is paid at your first session, by card.**  If you are unsure if you will be charged a storage fee, please do ask the tutor.

The classes can include:

  • Complete or partial ripping out and reupholstery
  • Only removing the top fabric and recovering
  • Traditional & modern upholstery techniques, tools and materials and how we handle them
  • Simple wood cleaning and reviving techniques and small project repairs
  • Choosing upholstery fabrics and trimmings, making piping and double piping
  • Order of work, making Y and T cuts, scroll fronts and pleats, buttoning & Van Dyking, problem solving
  • Each term we try to look at a chair or fabric designer, developments in sustainability and other aspects of the upholstery trade
  • Email me a photo of your project prior to the course at and check out the FAQs page for guidance and advice.   Feel free to email me if you think you need advice on a project.

There is a half hour lunch break at 1pm.

Fee is £795 plus materials and storage if applicable

Early Bird fee is £750 for 10 weeks; available up to 11th August 2024


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